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who called over to balboa high school, and said would you be interested in hosting this presentation? and so began what has now led to this incredible evening. and the whole idea has been we've learned in our work that the universal declaration of human rights that eleanor roosevelt shepherded and adopted bit general assembly 64 years ago is actually not known by a large proportion of our population. and we also found that when youth and adults found out about it, they got very excited and, in fact we got the name because someone said my goodness this document spells out the world it's could be. it has been the creative spirit of the administrators and students at balboa that have really brought this to life. we're now, i just got to see on friday, their third student-produced assembly about the universal declaration of human rights and it's breathtaking to see how their whole culture has taken on this path and that they are setting an example for how to help us bring forward eleanor roosevelt's work and make it continually relevant to the world today. i would love to have you here
of the two projects are requested, prop k funds to help support the one bay area program, balboa park. it will be added to the previous request of 300,000 dollars to complete an engineering report for what are called fast-track -- 3.7 million dollar program that includes things like widening the northside sidewalk, installing transit arrival signs, accessibility improvements, and most salient to the request, new shelter canopies at the north and south side. the picture shows this. to give you some site context of. we want to push along the fast-track projects. looking at more engineering analysis, walkways, the poles to see if they can be moved out of the walkway. another piece is really doing design coordination between the -- project recently funded and the widening of the sidewalk in the shelter canopies. the design elements, will be discussed with all of the agency partners in february. the initial design of the canopies has already been brought to balboa park. the next meeting is in march or april. the canopy design will also go to the city design review committee to get
beach yard and the balboa yard or the station there and also got a chance to get over to potrero. we can talk about a whole lot more things that i'm eager to talk about on the 29th, but i wanted to express my gratitude particularly to supervisors there, michael henry at the balboa facility -- or potrero, i'm sorry. potrero was most receptive and francisco tapia and her staff, everybody was so welcoming there. i too was up before the sun and did my best to -- i thought i was going to be there to steal the show with some doughnuts, but i guess i was upstaged by cupcakes. so i will try better next year. [ laughter ] >> thank you, mr. yee, members of public, comments on the director's report? okay. good afternoon >> good afternoon directors. i would like to congratulate muni for offering free rides on new year's eve. like many of your policies, that was a very open-handed thing to do in our own much smaller way luxor cab also contributed to free rides that evening. at a time when other transportation services were doubling or tripling or quadrupleling their rates. offering free and
of [indiscernible]. another caltrans project, is the balboa park. it helps to fund the establishment of a community advisory committee that held a meeting already earlier this month. the study and a prior study are both in the startup phases. in 2013 will really be getting down to the meat of the recommendations. the last slides on the planning section have to do with innovative policies on transportation demand management or tdm; the authorities once again on the cutting edge of policy development, delivering strategies and innovations things where we believe where you take some time to get comfortable with the idea, and then they start catching up. the -- solution, working with the community to find ways to better utilize resources. recognizing that we will have to draw on private sector funds and use the funds that we have better because it simply isn't enough funding to do everything that we need to do. the tvm project partnership is three projects in one. a review of tdm policies, providing support to the muni partnership program related to the regional shuttles; also again trying to pu
. lastly, balboa park has significantly fewer impact fees. most of that area is actually public land so there's not a significant amount of new development, new private develop. that's forecasted there, but there has been one significant development there, the 1150 ocean avenue project where the new whole foods is and they built as part of their in kind agreement, they built an extension of this street here which will connect to the puc reservoir should it ever been developed in the future and they also have a pedestrian easement on another street through the project. those are just a few of the highlights. again, that's not everything that's in the plan. next year we will expect to incorporate the transit center district plan as well as the western soma which is currently before the board and the intention there is to roll that into the overall eastern neighborhoods implementation process, not to treat it separately but to look at the impact fee revenue and the projects sort of simultaneously and then at the cac as well. thank you, i'm happy to answer any questions. >> so i see no qu
. and in the meantime there is a meeting of the balboa park committee schedule for january ninth, at our offices and the people that are interested in the topic can find more information on the website. www.sfta.org. >> the corridor is also making progress and the supervisor committee meeting now and schedule for this thursday, december 13th at 6:00 p.m. and are located at 1455 on market street on the 22nd floor and more information on the website and we will be releasing the call for projects to the transportation for clean air late in january or early in february those applications are due in april and we expect that they will be about 700,000 worth of funds to distribute to projects, that a reminder that the sorts of projects that are eligible for pfca, the products that reduce motor vehicle emissions the examples would be clean fuel vehicles and management projects, bicycle projects and the board can expect to have the program available in the spring. a couple of more things, to wrap up. the third piece, dynamic traffic assignment model has been completed and now in use. i know that this is.
leaders. to revitalize not only -- boulevard but balboa and clemente, revitalizing neighborhood corridors. i like to continue my work to improve the richmond district and make it livable for everyone, young and old, tenant, homeowners, immigrant families, small pop and mom businesses. i want to acknowledge that i am lucky to have three incredible staff from a legislative [indiscernible] (off mic). you have to look at the -- pieces of my campaign to understand that inside joke. a look forward to working with many of you on the issues that i raised. with this the first new board of supervisors, incredible people, i will do my part to move our city forward. thank you very much everyone. (applause) >> president: supervisor london breed, newly elected to represent district 5. (applause) >> supervisor breed: so, i actually have -- thank you supervisor cohen -- i delivered a speech earlier today. i don't want to send you through all the motions. i'm going to say how excited i am to be here, how proud i am to be the district 5 supervisor, to represent the district that i call home my ent
. funded for the allocation and also coordination of the other district improvements for the balboa station area. and a key aspect of this project which will be done within 150 days for the project to proceed. recognizing the safety and improvements for workers and more lists, can support more efficient and faster maintenance, and therefore, benefiting passengers, and muni has embarked on replacing the it was a program to have 14 lift and we have been informed yesterday that it looks like they will be able to install a significantly, at least 3 more maybe more, due to lower than anticipated bids. and so, by 2014, all of these lifts will be in place. separate the transition to cliper, right now, mta staff is putting together a package of the scope and budget and schedule, to have a pilot program in which they will be able to select different, methodology of the different types that they will use because this is the muni will be open to the weather and so they will be able to put together a pilot program to test them and so that is going to be ready for that in january. yes, january, 2013. ye
is essentially a square. there are four streets, it's like sutro heights avenue, 46th, 47th and i believe balboa. the requester's house was built in 1937. it's the one here. and it extends because it's lower. it was one of the first houses built in this whole neighborhood and it's lowers and extends further out into what you see as like a little square. the other houses were built in 1940's, early '40's and as you can see, were all left-flush, so you end up with a little square pattern in the middle that leaves open space. one of the residents, the neighborhood has described it to me as almost a park-like feel. over here, is an alleyway. this house -- this is the back of the house. it is almost to the property line of the subject property where they seek to enlarge things. keeping that in mind i will show you a blow up of the rendering. i took it upon myself to make a small sketch, which i would like to submit at this point. :first of all, as you can see, the ramblins have a deck on the back of their house built in 1996. it has a 7' spindle wood fence to preserve privacy for themselves and the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 67 (some duplicates have been removed)